Allergies: An Alternative to Antihistamines

Allergies reflect an over-vigilant immune system due to compromised mucus membranes that line the digestive and respiratory tract.

We can use herbs and homeopathy to help the body repair the mucus membranes to make them less permeable to pathogens as well as harmless food particles and pollens.  However, we can also help the body in its healing process with acupuncture, acupressure, and craniosacral therapy.  These three therapies help to re-establish and balance the energy flow and can reduce allergies.

Energetic unwinding of the spine, joints, and muscles combines craniosacral therapy with acupressure and soft tissue work to be even more effective and specific to the body’s needs.

The body has its own electrical supply via the meridians.

meridians, body, front  

These meridians bring energy to all the cells, tissues, organs, and other structures like the electric wires in a house bring electricity (energy) to all the outlets.  Without electricity, we can’t operate our appliances, entertainment systems, and computers.  Likewise, the body needs energy to do its work.

When wires become twisted, compressed, loose, or frayed, we experience an interruption, or diminished flow of electricity.  The same happens in the body.  Meridians can become compromised in a similar way through trauma, infections, and inflammation.

Injuries to the musculoskeletal system affects how the meridians conduct energy throughout the body.

The paths of the lung (LU) and large & small intestine (LI, SI) meridians run the length of the arms, down to the fingertips.  Thus any trauma, such as arm or wrist fractures, sprains, repetitive stress (typing, percussion, playing musical instruments, etc), as well as surgery, infections, and inflammation may compress, twist, distort, or disrupt the meridian pathways, directly or through connective tissue changes.

This disruption in energy flow may result in greater susceptibility to upper and lower respiratory infections, allergies, asthma, and digestive dis-ease.

The connective tissue envelops and protects all structures of the body, including the meridians.

Connective tissue (fascia) weaves through and envelops all cells, tissues, organs, muscles, and other structures of the body, such as blood and lymph vessels, nerves, and meridians.  It can vary from almost liquid to almost bone hard.

Inflammation, infections, and trauma create restrictions in the fascia, such as stickiness, increased thickness, and hardness.  In this state, the fascia becomes like a straight jacket to all the structures it envelops, creating a strangle hold.  This restricts the flow of blood, nerve conduction, lymph flow (immune system), as well as energy flow (meridians).

Disrupted energy flow to the immune system of our body (lymph glands and vessels) results in an irritated, hence over-vigilant, immune system.

Three alternative remedies that can help with allergies.

Acupressure and acupuncture re-establish, and rebalance, energy flow by accessing the acupoints along the meridians.

Craniosacral therapy helps the body to release the restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia) to liberate all the structures within it, including the meridians.  You will experience increased well being, less pain and/or discomfort, more energy, greater health, and less vulnerability to allergies.

Energetic unwinding of the spine, joints, and muscles is even more effective than craniosacral therapy alone, because it addresses the specific problem of a person.  For musculoskeletal problems, joint pain and stiffness, old and new physical trauma, this is my therapy of choice.

All three of these alternative remedies can help with allergies.