Energetic Unwinding Of The Spine, Joints, & Muscles

Energetic unwinding of the spine, joints, and muscles is a very gentle form of therapy that intuitively blends craniosacral therapy with acupressure and soft tissue work.

Energetic unwinding supports the body in its healing process by helping it to release the tensions and restrictions that have crept into the connective tissue of your neck and back, such as the tendons, ligaments, and fascia due to trauma, infections, inflammation, or repetitive strain.

Neck And Back Pain Often Have Their Origin In Old Injuries.

From the time we are born to the time we die, we incur small and large injuries.  These injuries are layered on top of each other and restrict blood and lymph flow, nerve conduction, and energy flow.  We experience this as muscle tightness and discomfort, pain, weakness, and fatigue,

A difficult birth, the many trips and falls to the ground as a toddler, the many injuries during sports and play as a child or teenager , car accidents and work related injuries and strain all can have lasting effects that later show up as neck and back pain.

Energetic Unwinding Helps The Body To Heal From Recent And Old Injuries.

This therapy is so gentle that it may be used with acute as well as chronic pain.  In fact, the sooner the therapy begins, the faster the healing process.  But no matter how old the injury, even if it occurred during childhood, energetic unwinding can help the body to resolve these old issues, resulting in less pain, greater ease of movement, and improved energy and mood.

Energetic unwinding is performed with a light touch, while you are fully clothed. Almost immediately you will reach a state of deep relaxation that allows your body to focus fully on healing itself. By the end of your session, you will feel rejuvenated.

Each energetic unwinding session continues to work its magic on your body for the next few days. You may be aware of these changes as they unfold.

Energetic unwinding of the spine, joints and muscles is gentle and safe for people of all ages, including pregnant women, infants, children, and the elderly who are inherently more sensitive to touch.

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Energetic Unwinding Helps With Many Other Conditions Such As