Health And Vitality For The Elderly

Poor health, lack of vitality, and difficulty moving around are expected in the elderly. It doesn’t have to be so. Craniosacral therapy can help the elderly to recover mobility, strength, health and vitality far beyond what we think is possible.

A lifetime of living results in numerous restrictions in the connective tissue.

Over a lifetime, the body is exposed to many stresses and strains, starting in childhood.  Difficult entry into the world (child birth), injuries during childhood and adulthood,  work related strain and injuries, surgeries, infections, and chronic inflammation all lead to restrictions in the connective tissue (fascia, ligaments, cartilage, and muscle tendons) of the body.

No less important are poor posture, improper use of the body at work and at play, lack of movement, sitting or standing for long periods of time, inadequate amount of sleep, being indoors too much, and poor nutrition.

Lifestyle habits leave their mark on the connective tissue as well because of undue stress on the body, be it physical, emotional and mental, and not having the proper nutrients or time to do maintenance and repair in the body.

Let’s not forget all the medications we take for minor and major ills that come with a myriad of side effects.   These side effects are not just an inconvenience or nuisance.  Rather, they tell us that damage is being done to the body.  Again inflammation and tissue damage lead to connective tissue stickiness, distortion, tightness, and hardness over time.

The importance of the connective tissue.

Little attention is paid to the role of the connective tissue beyond the obvious fact that it holds together the body.  However, there is much more to the world of connective tissue.

It holds together each individual cell, connects the cells to form tissues, binds together different types of tissues into organs and all other body structures, such as blood and lymph vessels, nerves, meridians (the body’s energy pathways), muscles,  bones, the eye ball, the ear, and on and on.

Moreover, the connective tissue creates spaces and compartments for all the structures of the body to protect them, while keeping the separate and yet connected.

The blood and lymph vessels, nerves, and meridians all run through this world of connective tissue which varies from soft as gel to hard as bone.  Bone and blood are specialized forms of connective tissue.

When the connective tissue becomes distorted, all the structures embedded in it will feel this tension and become restricted and unable to function in the way they are designed to.  This includes the brain tissue (a bunch of nerves really).  A healthy brain is absolutely essential for a healthy body and sound mind.

Restrictions in the connective tissue reduce health and vitality in many ways.

  • Impaired movement of oxygen and nutrients into the tissues and toxins out of the tissues via the blood
  • Impaired movement of white blood cells via the lymph vessels resulting in a weakened immune system
  • Impaired movement of energy through the meridians resulting in areas of excess energy or inadequate energy like dysfunctional electric circuits
  • Impaired or erratic nerve conduction
  • Restricted space for the muscles to fully relax, for the lungs to fully expand, for the intestines to properly absorb all the nutrients and move the roughage through the colon for proper elimination
  • Impaired cardiovascular function
  • Musculoskeletal misalignment

We experience:

Being sidelined in life is a downward spiral.  It takes its toll on all levels of health, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual.  Too many people end up in nursing homes prematurely, or shouldn’t be there at all.

Craniosacral Therapy, A Gentle Path To Health And Vitality For The Elderly.

Craniosacral therapy and energetic unwinding of the spine, joints & muscles can help the elderly regain much of their health and vitality by releasing the connective tissue restrictions in the body from a lifetime of “living”.  As blood and lymph circulation, nerve conduction, and energy flow improve, so does general health.  Digestion improves, mental clarity returns, the outlook on life brightens, muscle strength and  joint mobility return, as does the ability to care for oneself.

Craniosacral therapy and energetic unwinding are exceedingly gentle and agreeable to all.  People enter a very deep and relaxing state, akin to the parasympathetic state of sleep, where the body does its maintenance and repair of all its tissues and restores energetic balance to the entire system.

Craniosacral therapy and energetic unwinding enjoyed on a regular basis will provide the support needed to help the body do its own healing.